WordPress Ranks Top Blogging Site

WordPress Ranks Top Blogging Site

On Saturday,10 March 2018.

We all know WordPress is popular. With its free, open-source nature and easy-to-use tools, it’s no wonder that over 65 million sites are using the platform. But did you know WordPress is actually leading the blogging market now?

According to a recent study by Pingdom, WordPress is now number one when it comes to blogging platforms. Out of the Technorati’s list of The World’s Top 100 Blogs, WordPress came out on top with 52%. This is an improvement from their 48% ranking in last years study.

In the ranks are TypePad, Movable Type, Tumblr, Ceros, Drupal, and Google’s Blogger, but none even come close to threatening WordPress’s victory. The biggest competitor is custom designs, with a 12% ranking, but even this isn’t very close to catching up.

Blogging has changed drastically over the past few years as social media has advanced. People are now turning to sites like Facebook and Twitter to share the information they used to blog about. With the dispersion of material across several social media sites, people are looking for a blogging platform that does more than just blog.

WordPress offers speed, security, and reliability to its customers. Its growing CMS functionality makes it a rounded platform, and versatility and user friendliness are what make it so popular.

Choosing a blogging platform can be difficult, especially with so many options. Even though there are clear popularity winners, establishing which one is right for your personal needs can be challenging. Azym can help. We offer full WordPress support systems to help you create and manage your blog. The world of blogging may be changing, but Azym can help you keep up with the times. Contact us here if you need a helping hand.

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