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All-in-one Communication Suite

Azym CloudMail is the first all-in-one communication suite designed for small and medium enterprises in the Gulf region for their modern-day communication needs.

Exceptional user experience across all devices.

Built to provide users with a seamless experience on any device.

Cloud Mail


Packed with Features

Enjoy live email notifications, an all-mighty email composer, read tracking, quick attachment previewing, attachment saving and sharing, email reminders and many, many more.


Easy to Use

Azym CloudMail is recognized for its exceptional in-app user experience. You’ll notice how immediately it feels comfortable and easy to navigate. It just feels right.


GDPR Compliant

Constructed to be fully compliant with strict EU privacy regulations. with you in absolute control of your data. Your data, your rights.

Everything You'll Ever Need

With the intelligent features that help you achieve more


Mighty Email Composer

Effortlessly write professional and content-rich emails with Azym CloudMail’s simple to use and agile email composer. You can format your email’s text in detail, insert images, drag-n-drop files and even edit the HTML source itself.


Email Attachment Preview

Not knowing what’s in that .docx or .xlxs file without actually downloading it is now a thing of the past. Documents, audio, and even video files are fully previewable within Azym CloudMail.


Attachment Saving & Sharing

Quickly sharing an email attachment wasn’t possible till Azym CloudMail moved in. You can now promptly and securely share an email attachment with a co-worker, your team or anyone in the world.


Beautiful Email Signatures

Choose from over 50 ready to use, professional looking email signatures that help you leave a permanent impression. You can also create a custom signature with images and links by using our robust HTML editor.


Real Time Browser Notifications

Never miss a chat again! Azym CloudMail shows browser (Chrome, FireFox and Edge) notifications for chat, with the name of the person followed by the actual message.


Emojis in Mail

Express yourself with Emoji! Azym CloudMail natively supports Emojis.


HTML Editor

Azym CloudMail HTML editor allows you to have full message source control on your emails. HTML Editor will help to also format your emails with HTML (ie changing fonts, underlines, bolding text).


Email Anti Tracking

We’re witnessing a dramatic rise in email tracking services, which can inform the sender that you’ve opened their email. So we’ve implemented and Built in “Anti-Tracking” feature that will notify you when tracking tools are used within a message. This will prevent pesky salespeople from knowing if, and when, you open a message.

Azym CloudMail will display a notification bar when it detects that a tracking image is being used within a message. By default, Azym CloudMail blocks the loading of the tracking image, but you can override this by clicking on the Load Images button to whitelist the sender or sender’s domain.



Often feel not ready to respond to an email right away, but then you forget about it all together? Not to worry, this happens to all of us. Just create an email reminder, and it’ll notify you in time.


Delayed Sending

Set a timer to keep an outgoing email message in a temporary queue. In case you change your mind, you can stop an email from being sent with a simple click.


Read Notifications

Azym CloudMail’s powerful email tracking provides you a much-needed report about the read status of the emails you send. You’ll receive an instant push notification as soon as someone sees your email.


Spam Indicator

Azym CloudMail is having tight integration with Azym CloudAntiSpam. This native integration will help you to see emails that are classified as Spam.


Spam Learning

Azym CloudMail is using latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology that can determine when an incoming email is spam or not. You can teach this AI to classify spam and our AI will improve its accuracy.


Anti Identity Spoofing

Know when someone is faking identity. Since the email protocol SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) lacks authentication, it has historically been easy to spoof a sender address. As a result, Azym CloudMail detecting and alerting users to spam, rather than rejecting it altogether.

Azym CloudMail Anti Identity Spoofing feature will help you at-a-glance verification of email address using the following validation methods.

SPF (Sender Policy Framework): This checks whether a certain IP is authorized to send mail from a given domain. SPF may lead to false positives, and still requires the receiving server to do the work of checking an SPF record, and validating the email sender.

DKIM (Domain Key Identified Mail): This method uses a pair of cryptographic keys that are used to sign outgoing messages, and validate incoming messages.

DMARC (Domain-Based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance): This method gives a sender the option to let the receiver know whether its email is protected by SPF or DKIM, and what actions to take when dealing with mail that fails authentication. DMARC is not yet widely used.


Custom Email Folders

Organise your email space by separating emails into different mailboxes. For better visual distinguishability, you can give each mailbox its appropriate icon and color.


Conditions and Actions

Lets you create a set of circumstances to match and moves to execute when a new email arrives. For instance, you might want to transfer an email to a different mailbox and mark it as read if the conditions you defined are satisfied.


Advanced Search

Never again waste time in an endless search for that email you for sure know is there. Azym CloudMail can locate and highlight precisely what you’re looking for, in under 200ms. It even hunts down on a deeply buried email attachment you received years ago.


Email Import

Effortlessly import email messages from any IMAP server. Just fill in the email address and password, and Azym CloudMail will do the rest. You can track the progress in real time and nevertheless continue using the App while importing is done in the background.


Multi-language Support

Azym CloudMail provides a multilingual user interface, enabling collaboratively work online across the organization in their native language. This feature greatly helps to reach and engage a large number of users in the Gulf region who speak different languages, especially non-English speakers.

In addition to English, the user interface is available in Arabic, Spanish, Turkish, Portuguese, French, Italian.



Full vCard Support

Import and export your contacts with a full vCard Support.


Easy Searching

Sort, filter and search your contacts with a breeze.


Contact Collecting

New people you meet are appended to your contacts list automatically.


Contact Card

Just hover over an avatar to quickly view anyone’s details.


Contact Import

Import your contact list from any app with a simple click.


Person's Details

Azym CloudMail lets you create a thorough contact card for anyone you interact with. You can fill in every last detail, so you know everything about the person next time you need it.


A modern file management system packed with exceptional capabilities. Enjoy a smooth upload of files via a simple drag-n-drop functionality. Make use of a convenient quick share option to have your data uploaded and URL ready for paste in your clipboard. Azym CloudMail’s outstanding file previewer opens any document, spreadsheet, or a presentation file you throw at it, even audio and video.


Private Files

Azym CloudMail keeps your files securely stored and quickly accessible to you at any time, wherever you are.


Team Folder

Increase team productivity with a special company folder which is visible to each team member. In this folder, an individual can upload files so they can be viewed by an entire company.


File and Folder Sharing

Advanced sharing rules let you decide what gets shared and with whom. Share with a single person, an entire team, or with anyone with a link.


Beautiful. Smooth. Upload.

Uploading files and folders with Azym CloudMail feels really good, but you don’t need to waste time waiting for the upload to finish. Comfortably minimize the upload window and continue using the App as usual, while the upload continues in the background.


Just Drop It

The drag and drop feature helps you save time and makes uploading files and folders a piece of cake. Select the files you want and drop them to Azym CloudMail. You’ll be able to continue using other aspects of Azym CloudMail while the upload is still in progress.


Quick Share and Copy Link

To have a share-URL ready for paste in your clipboard, after the upload is done you use a quick upload box. The files you choose or drop here will be immediately uploaded, and a share-URL automatically copied to your clipboard. That is a huge time saver when you want to share files and folders instantly to anyone who has a link.


Advanced File Operations

Azym CloudMail features a powerful file manager that gives you total control over your data. You can effortlessly copy, move, rename and duplicate files or folders within a pleasing UI.


Integrated with Azym CloudMail and Chat Modules

Thanks to Azym CloudMail Files being deeply integrated with the rest of the application, many exciting and practical innovations were made possible. For instance, when reading an email, you can quickly save email attachments to your Azym CloudMail Files. One can also select Azym CloudMail files and have them promptly attached to a new email message. The same is also possible for Azym CloudMail Chat.



Private Channels

Create a real-time and secure communication channel with anyone in the world. Just type in any email address or pick someone from your contacts. Afterward, you can invite new members to join in if the situation demands it.


Team Channels

Increase team potency with a unique communication channel tailored particularly for teams and companies. It equips your team with a powerful tool to share information and files in real-time, thus increasing the overall team productivity.


Text, Audio & Video

With Azym CloudMail, you can use a communication method that you prefer or is suitable for the moment. From rich-text messages to high-quality audio and video calls, Azym CloudMail has everything you need in a modern communication suite.


High Quality Audio & Video

To deliver superb video chat experience, even in large channels, Azym CloudMail utilizes a high-performance TURN server which is used to relay audio and video traffic through our state-of-the-art Cloud server when needed. Otherwise, Azym CloudMail cleverly uses the P2P protocol to preserve server bandwidth.


Call Anyone

Apart from your coworkers, you can also invite anyone else to the conversation. All you need is the person’s email address. They’ll receive an invitation email with your message in it, and they can instantly join in just by clicking a provided link. No signup, no login, just fast communication.


Super-Fast File Sharing

Just drag and drop files into the conversation window. For even faster sharing, you can also choose from files you already have uploaded to your Azym CloudMail Files. Everyone in the channel can download or preview what you attached, in real-time.


#Channel with Ease

Separating your discussions into channels helps you organize and prioritize better. Create a channel and have a live talk with anyone in the world, in a matter of seconds. All you need to do is choose the participants and optionally enter your initial message.


Smartphone Apps

Out of office? No problem. Everything you can do with Azym CloudMail on a desktop machine or your laptop, you can also do on your Android or iOS device.

Stay Engaged

You can chat, call, talk, attach and view files even when you’re on the go. All you need is a browser and an internet connection.


Azym CloudMail keeps you up to date by sending you a push notification when a new message arrives or you miss someone’s call.

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