Cloud Plus ERP

Cloud Plus ERP

Cloud Plus ERP is a complete cloud based ERP solution for all your business management needs, including accounting, inventory management, CRM, Sales, POS, E-commerce and more. Cloud Plus ERP is the first true ERP platform designed for small and medium business in gulf countries. Cloud Plus ERP provides a complete real-time view of your business anytime, anywhere, on any devices.Cloud Plus ERP build on top of Google Cloud Platform, Running in Google Cloud Platform, Cloud Plus ERP provides an uptime of 99.9%, highest possible data security, high performance, and zero data loss at lowest maintenance costs, rapid scalability. Another big advantage is security. Google Cloud Platform provides the benefit of a security model that has been built upon over the course of 15 years, and currently secures products and services like Gmail, Search, etc.

Why Cloud Plus ERP ?

ERP Build for Gulf Countries

Cloud Plus ERP is the first truly build Cloud ERP for GCC countries. Features and work flows on Cloud Plus ERP is designed in mind for small and medium business in GCC.

Build on Top of Google Cloud Platform

Cloud Plus ERP build on top of the Google Cloud Platform which is the same proven platform delivering secure and reliable service like Gmail, Search, etc.

Pay as you go

You can start with basic setup and increase your capacity as your needs increase. No need of BIG investments or no need to pay anything upfront.

Access any time, any device

Works on all modern devices like mobiles, tabs and computers from anywhere and anytime.

Communications & Collaboration

Cloud Plus ERP includes chat, video conferencing, voice, email, and text, along with even broader possibilities. Integrated Document Management allows you to manage a central repository of documents and media.

Increase Productivity

Work more efficiently – modern tools and insightful information lead to better results. A cloud based ERP system allows employees to access the ERP remotely – from home, during their commute, while traveling – so they have easy access to the information they need.

Round The Clock Support

We’re right here, ready to help. Cloud Plus ERP employs dedicated in-house support (Chat, Email, Phone), included in your monthly plan.


Employee Central

Employee Central module automates the process of entering timesheets, submitting expense claims,
and assigning work. Cloud Plus ERP makes it easy to involve everybody in your organization.
This module has the following features.

  • Expense Claim Reporting
  • Timesheet Reporting
  • Task Management
  • Calendar and Event Management
  • Organization Chart
  • Assignment Rules

Investor Central

Investor Central module helps to manage equity investments, fixed income investments and investment funds. Improve visibility into your financial investment activity and get an accurate view of your investment portfolio’s performance in real-time.

Track your investments in real-time with in-depth data, including: current value, book value, and unrealized gain or loss. Manage the full investment cycle, from: purchase, dividends, revenue, to sale or investment maturity. Quickly and accurately view your company’s overall investments position using the real-time revaluation utility.


Accounts module helps to manage accounting and financial activities for small and mid-size business. Cloud Plus ERP accounts module can be used as part and parcel of your Business financial exercises such as to pay and create invoices, to manage the cash transactions as well as to maintain financial record. The overall function of Cloud Plus ERP includes file management, dashboards, workflow features to streamline the business process. The Core modules include Account payable, Accounts Receivable, Ledger Management and Purchase Management.


Purchase module in co-ordination with the inventory and sales functions will help you reduce costs and maintain smooth functioning of the manufacturing. Cloud Plus ERP purchase module has the capability to handle your purchase requirements right from requisition to return. Record all quotations, orders, invoices and returns to help you keep a track on how the order is progressing. Perform vendor analysis and quotation comparison to choose what is best for your business through Cloud Plus ERP. With Cloud Plus ERP, you can take better purchase decisions to acquire resources at the lowest costs and the best quality.


Cloud Plus ERP inventory module with easy and simple tracking of inventory across locations makes sure you have adequate supplies at the right time and at the right place. Covering all activities from goods receipt to issued, the inventory module gives your purchase and sales functions access to useful information. Reports for valuation, re order level, attribute listing and alternate units’ stock report you can look at the broader picture and manage inventory with ease and accuracy.


Marketing module helps to automate marketing activities of your product and services from a central management. Manage leads, improve conversions, measure campaign performance, communicate with contacts, and improve productivity. Capture leads from web forms, purchased lists, Social media advertisements, direct mail, events, and other sources.


CRM module helps to keep track of all your business contacts at a single place. You can keep track of contacts of your prospective customers, existing customers, vendors, trading partners, agents and transporters.


If you are looking for a solution that will add boost to your sales and increase revenues, Cloud Plus ERP sales module will give you the edge in the market. Handling all activities from inquiry to return to outright sales, you will be able to give your sales team the required information at fingertips. Keep a track of your sales through the Sales MIS reports that give you all the sales data on a single screen. You can add the finishing touch to your sales orders by attaching labels, bar codes and customized invoices and other communications through Cloud Plus ERP printing options. You can follow a standardized procedure for each sale and provide quality services to each customer.

POS (Point of Sale)

Cloud Plus ERP’s Point of Sale (POS) module is a powerful solution designed to streamline retail environments. With the POS module, you have access to real-time reporting, a detailed financial overview, and inventory management. CRM is built into the system allowing you to accurately capture customer information. Track purchase activity, for example, and market your products with precision and efficiency, properly segmenting your customers and targeting them with increased conversion rates.


E-Commerce module is a fully integrated ecommerce platform that helps you to create a modern WebStore for your business. Cloud Plus ERP can connect directly with your Web Store and enabling you to manage customers, goods, orders, and inventory. With Cloud Plus ERP ecommerce, you can effectively manage online sales and streamline all processes. E-Commerce coming with a powerful and easy to use App Builder for WebStore that will help you to build and publish a Mobile App for Android and iOS.


Projects module helps you create project plans, interactive charts, collaborate in real time with team members. Allocate people and material resources, track cost of projects, get real time project reports and analytics.

Document Management

Document Management is the procedure of applying plans and policies to how documents are created, continued, and expired within an organization. Cloud Plus ERP Document management module helps to create a single repository to simplify managing and retrieving documents such as contracts, proposals, agreements, technical papers and other content that are crucial for any organzation. Cloud Plus ERP Document Management module also ensures secure collaboration and information distribution through permission based sharing.


Customer relationship management dictates the long term growth and brand development of an organization. After sale services is increasingly being used as a yardstick to judge an organizations commitment to its customers. HelpDesk Module is primary solution towards managing after sales services for consumers.
HelpDesk module helps your customer to resolve their query’s and requests via multi-channels such as Email, Call, WebStore Support form or even by a Facbook Messenger text.

HR (Human Resource)

HR module covers a comprehensive HR solution including benefits administration, Biometric device based time attendance, web-based timekeeping, and time-off management, completely integrated with accounting, eliminating delays, duplicate data entry and other payroll related errors.


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